10 Ways to Show Her+Him You Care | July+August 2019

by July 1, 2019

10 Ways to Show Her You Care

♥ Sit on the couch with her or outside on a warm day and just talk.

♥ Try not to make sudden changes without discussing them with her first.

♥ Allow your wife to share her opinions without being defensive.

♥ Try not to argue—be sure to let go of the small stuff.

♥ Be sympathetic when she’s sick or has had a long day.

♥ Go out for a fun adventure—without the kids.

♥ Share the responsibilities around the house.

♥ Value and inspire her individuality.

♥ Express your love by choosing her over hobbies and buddies.

♥ Don’t refuse to say sorry or ask for forgiveness—don’t let the little issues turn into big problems—talk.

10 Ways to Show Him You Care

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♥ Allow for quiet time. Just sitting next to each other is enough. Enjoy your time together.

♥ Do not be critical about your partner’s habits, especially in front of others.

♥ Brag to your mother about something he’s achieved recently.

♥ Encourage him to spend some time enjoying his favorite book or hobby.

♥ Look at him when he is talking. Give him undivided attention.

♥ Tell him you love him AND like spending time with him.

♥ Find meaningful ways to show him you need him.

♥ Give advice in a loving way—not in a nagging or belittling way.

♥ Try not to argue over money.

♥ Encourage him to spend time having fun with his children.

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