ABC’s of a Successful School Year

A successful school year is as easy as learning your ABCs. Check out these simple tips for a happy and healthy school year: Accept new challenges Push your child to go outside of his comfort zone. Encourage him to try Read More

Cut to the Chase: Homework Strategies that Work

As I overheard a conversation with a parent discussing her child’s routine and the late hour the child completed her homework the night before, I thought about how easily we allow our kids to slip into procrastinating habits that result Read More

Five Myths About Step Family Life

“I didn’t know remarriage would be this hard,” said stepmom Sally. “We’ve been married more than a year and our relationships are still struggling. It feels like we take one step forward and three steps backward.” Sally’s frustration is normal. Read More

Help Your Child Out Of Their Comfort Zone

HOW TO BE AN ENCOURAGING PARENT With more children over-scheduled these days than not, many parents wouldn’t think the need to push children to get involved would be an issue. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. “The high pressure on children Read More

Sugar Shutdown

The insurance letter came in the mail, and to our relief, this time he qualified. Six months earlier the life insurance company disqualified my husband after reviewing his blood work. We were shocked to find out that even though he Read More

Helpful Tips on Surviving High School

School is beginning soon and although most of us really hate the idea of having to go back, we cannot let our negative feelings affect our focus. The smartest thing to do is to establish habits from the very first

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15 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Once you have a couple of Halloweens under your belt, you start to know the deal, such as, which of your neighbors give out oversized chocolate bars and which ones greet you with toothbrushes. But you also start to realize

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Taking Care Of Your Teeth

When you get your picture taken, everyone says, “Say cheese! Smile!” So you do—you open your mouth and show your teeth. When you see the picture, you see a happy person looking back at you. The healthier those teeth are,

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Becoming a High Energy Mom

You hurry all day, tackling your too-long to-do list. By mid-afternoon, you want to collapse on the couch or get a quick fix of caffeine and carbs. Don’t. We have expert advice on how to get—and sustain—the physical and emotional

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