Tips for Efficient Packing

Family vacations are a great way to enjoy time away from the daily routine and to create lasting memories. But if you are anything like me, packing for a family trip can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple kids

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Make Housework a Family Affair

Parents, trust me here: Society will not be pleased with you if you set your kid loose at age 18 with zero life skills (like how to do laundry without turning it all pink, or how you should take out

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Cinnamon Tree Ornament

Materials Cinnamon stick Metallic chenille wire (any color but green) 3/16 inch wide holiday ribbon Hot glue gun and glue sticks Scissors Wire snippers Artificial evergreen sprigs of different lengths (snipped from a wreath, garland, or floral stem) Instructions Hot Read More

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Materials 4-6 inch pine cone Small terra cotta pot to fit on the bottom of the pine cone 1/8-1/4 inch beads in holiday colors Glitter paper or a small star ornament Green craft paint for the tree and a holiday Read More

Thankful Napkin Holder

Materials • Miniature chalkboard (about 3-4 inches) • 2 artificial fall leaves • Wooden spring-type clothes pin • Chalkboard chalk or marker • Hot glue gun and glue sticks • Scissors • Thanksgiving napkin Instructions • Trim any stems off Read More

Turkey Placemat

Materials Plain, solid colored placemat (white or light fall color) Fabric paint writers in fall colors including red, black, and white Small sponge brushes—one for each color of paint Plastic or waxed paper covered work surface, and water and paper Read More