Family Chatter

Family Chatter | July+August 2019

Our FamilyChatter Challenge is simple—just do your best. Here are some easy questions that will hopefully inspire your family to engage in great conversations whenever, however, you can. Enjoy! Would you rather spend the day shopping, at the beach, at

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Family Chatter May+June 2019

What are you looking forward to the most about summer vacation? Why? Do you like to read? Summer is great for getting in some good reading. What are some books you’d really like to tackle this summer? What are some things you Read More

Family Chatter Oct+Nov 2018

What is a gift you would like to give this holiday? What’s special about this gift? What are you most thankful for? How do you show your appreciation daily to others? What are your favorite holiday food dishes? What dishes Read More

Family Chatter Sept+Oct 2018

Do you consider TV to be entertainment or a waste of time? How about video games? What inspires you to do your best in life? What causes you to get discouraged? What activities do you look forward to during the Read More

Family Chatter | May+June 2017

Live, Laugh, Love and Talk Together! When was the last time you helped your parents without being asked? If you could make one improvement to the world, what would it be? How possible do you think it is? What’s stopping you? If

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March/April 2017

Eating dinner around the family table and long family conversations are time- honored traditions. If your family is like ours, however, you’ll agree that it’s not always simple. Our FamilyChatter challenge is simple—just do your best. Here are some simple

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