Helpful Tips on Surviving High School

Helpful Tips on Surviving High School

August 29, 2018

School is beginning soon and although most of us really hate the idea of having to go back, we cannot let our negative feelings affect our focus. The smartest thing to do is to establish habits from the very first day so that they are easier to maintain. One tip that I think is helpful is getting all of your school supplies and organizing them. By doing this it allows you to feel prepared and designate a place to get the things you need when you’re in class.

Another thing that could benefit any student is creating a daily schedule that shows when you will focus on your homework, when you will study, and when you will spend time with your friends. Scheduling things day by day gives someone a sense of responsibility and structure that is very much needed during the second semester.

Other tips that are useful are packing your lunch the night before, choosing your outfits in advance, and setting your alarm to get up and be there on time. All of these can help make the school year much easier, but the most crucial part of success is consistency. When you stick to your plans and goals for the school year, not only do your grades improve, but also you feel less stressed out and more productive. I have a bad habit of procrastinating on every assignment, so this year I set a goal to be more focused by making a list of everything I need to get done and logging it into my planner.

It is also important to keep a positive attitude going into the new year. Although school can get really tough and frustrating, by staying positive, you pave the way to being a more determined student. Whether you’re taking a bunch of AP classes or just starting out, remember to pace yourself, try to maintain your goals, and not get too upset over a bad grade every now and then. In the end, school can either be a very fun time to excel and be with your friends or it can be stressful and hard; it all depends on your attitude and choices.

Senior, Age 17