Show Her+Him You Care | May+June 2018

Show Her+Him You Care | May+June 2018

May 1, 2019

10 Ways to Show Her You Care

Offer to take the children out while she takes a bath.

Wake up early and help her get the children ready for the day.

Tell her you appreciate all that she does to make the family run smoothly. Be specific.

Suggest that she and a friend get manicures and/or pedicures.

Surprise her with a spontaneous date (arrange for childcare ahead of time if necessary).

Bring home flowers for her or pick some from your own garden.

Send her a love note in the mail.

Arrange to take a portrait together.

Listen next time you’re talking together. Look into her eyes and just listen—focus on her every word.

Try something new together.

    10 Ways to Show Him You Care

    Play a board game together.

    Treat him to a back rub after he completes a hard project.

    Take him to dinner—someplace new; go on an adventure together.

    Initiate time together. Be spontaneous.

    Encourage him to spend time with his friends and/or on his hobbies.

    Fix him his favorite meal and watch a movie (of his choice) together.

    Create a holiday in his honor (other than Father’s Day). Record the date.

    Give him a big kiss (a real kiss, not a peck) as he’s leaving for work.

    Secretly buy him tickets to an event he’d like to go to.

    Make a list of 10 things you love about him and hide it in one of his pockets before he leaves for work.

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