Summer Break

Summer Break

July 1, 2019

By Nia, Senior, Age 18

As summer vacation nears, most teens are elated. They are thrilled at the ideas of sleeping in, cool beach waters, and spontaneous road trips. However, for those who recently graduated, there is the anxious prospect of preparing for college. My friends and I have been preparing for our future lives by applying for jobs and scheduling work hours all throughout the week. Though the idea of adulthood is daunting at times, we are all aware of the big steps we’re taking. 

One of the biggest lessons we are learning from this is to set aside our desire for lazy days and force ourselves to find a balance between work and time with each other. It is proving to be a very rough transition, filled with enough anxiety and worry to make any of us doubt the direction we’re going—but it is important for us to hang on.

This is a moment in which we teenagers will truly learn more about ourselves, and we would like our parents to understand that we need even more support than in previous times. It is almost unbelievable that we will be on our own soon. But what I’ve learned through this experience is that it would be useful for parents to start teaching younger teens these lessons because there are so many components of adulthood that I didn’t know, such as paying taxes, leasing homes, and scheduling. 

These months will truly be some to remember as we embrace the next chapter of our lives and step forward into an entirely new adventure.