Teen Talks May+June 2019 | The Final Countdown

Teen Talks May+June 2019 | The Final Countdown

May 1, 2019

As we approach the end of the school year, graduation and adulthood are ever-present in the minds of seniors. For my friends and me, it is almost unbelievable that in just a few months, we will be leaving high school for good. Though we are still worrying about our final exams and resenting having to wake up as early as we do, the majority of seniors are sad to see high school go. The last four years have presented an opportunity for all of us to grow not only as individual people but also as friends and as students.

We have grown together, sharing similar experiences and emotions. We have bonded with our teachers, learned new ways of looking at the world, and encouraged one another to always do our best. High school has shaped us, as these years have given us insight into the people we are becoming and a set of friends who have made our time so much better. I am forever grateful for the things I was able to accomplish and the people I was able to meet.

My advice to the incoming freshmen, or any high school student, is to be involved, to focus on academics, and to be patient. Get involved in clubs or sports, even if you’re just watching them. Friday night football games with my friends were always something I looked forward to. Don’t blow off assignments and think that your grades don’t matter, because they do. There is so much to learn.

Although high school felt like an eternity, in retrospect, the years feel as though they have flown past. It is okay to be a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, a senior. Whatever stage of your life you are in, live in it, because there is only one moment in time in which you will be where you are now.

In a couple of months my friends and I will be saying goodbye to high school, to a special part of our lives. Though the years weren’t always pretty, and there were plenty of times when we joked about never coming back, high school is definitely something I appreciate as I venture into a new stage of my life.


By Nia
Senior, Age 17