Off to College

It is now September and school is back in full swing. Everyone is getting back in the groove of things, whether that be elementary, middle, or high school. However, for those of us starting our first year as college students, we are more terrified and nervous than we might let on. The pressure is intense for those of us who have moved to a new city and have to navigate new roads, obstacles, and lifestyles. There is also stress for those of us who are struggling to find employment. We experience confusion about finding our classes and being around a group of entirely new people. There are some of us who are and feel prepared, but the reality we are hit with is much more daunting.

Keeping in contact with our parents is especially helpful for kids my age feeling similar ways. I call my parents frequently, and their advice is very helpful. I would encourage all parents with children away at college to reach out! Just be careful to not be overbearing. We are trying to figure out the next steps of our lives, and we have a strong motivation to do it on our own. However, we still need guidance and care for all of our questions and concerns. Quick pep talks are extremely helpful when heading to a new class or a new job. 

It is going to be challenging to always understand and support the decisions your child makes as they venture off into new places, but we are having difficulty understanding ourselves as well. Overall, this stage in our life is a delicate one and somewhat difficult to comprehend. The relationship between parent and child may drift some, or strengthen massively, but maintaining a supportive, helpful, and respectful relationship is crucial for both sides, because both the parent and child are feeling some sadness and confusion being away from each other. 


College Freshman, Age 18