♥ Encourage her to do something outside of her comfort zone.

♥ Dream together about your future.

♥ Take a drive looking for Fall Leaves.

♥ Make a list of 10 things why you are Thankful that she is in your life.

♥ Take out the trash.

♥ Draw a bath for her– bubbles, chocolate and all!

♥ Get her car washed and filled it with gas.

♥ Send her an “I love you” text.

♥ Tell her that she is beautiful.

♥ Buy her flowers for no reason.

♥ Compliment him on how well he takes care of you and the family.

♥ Put an “I love you” note by the coffeemaker.

♥ Let him sleep in on the weekend.

♥ Cook his favorite meal.

♥ Encourage him to pursue a new hobby.

♥ Bring him lunch when he is having a busy day at work.

♥ Get his truck (or car) detailed.

♥ Watch his favorite sports game on television with him.

♥ Give him time to hang out with the guys without feeling guilty.

♥ Wear an outfit that you know he loves.