You Need

  • plastic or foam practice golf balls—2-4 for each participant in the game
  • ¾-inch sticky back Velcro dots—6 hook sections for each ball
  • permanent markers
  • fuzzy sweater for each participant (make sure the Velcro hooks will stick to the sweater easily)
  • timer
  • optional—masking tape and eye protection


  1. Apply 6 hook dots around the surface of each ball.
  2. Use permanent markers to write initials on each ball for each participant—same number of balls for each participant.
  3. Each participant wears a fuzzy sweater. Choose boundaries for the game, then set the timer for 30 seconds. Start the timer with a signal to begin playing.
  4. The participants throw the balls at each other’s sweaters until the time finishes. The person with the fewest balls on his or her sweater wins. Optional—have participants wear eye protection.
  5. Optional—instead of wearing sweaters, pull a sweater over a chair back. You can mark a target on the sweater with masking tape. Use the sweater like a dart board, taking turns throwing the balls at it.