For Each Cookie You Need

  • 1 marshmallow
  • 1 fudge-covered graham cracker
  • white cookie icing in a squeeze bottle
  • 5 mini chocolate chips
  • ½ of a piece of candy corn (use sharp knife to cut a whole piece lengthwise to make 2 pieces)
  • 1 pretzel stick broken into 2 pieces
  • sharp knife


  1. As needed, prepare cookie icing according to package instructions.
  2. Use cookie icing to glue two chocolate chips to the side of the marshmallow to make eyes—one eye lower than the other.
  3. Squeeze cookie icing onto the top of the fudge graham to create a puddle shape.
  4. While the icing is still wet, press the marshmallow head onto the icing in one corner of the fudge graham.
  5. Press the candy corn piece into the icing puddle at the base of the marshmallow to make a nose. Add a line of chocolate chips to the puddle for buttons and add pretzel stick pieces to make arms.