♥ Help take down the Christmas decorations.

♥ Support her in her New Year’s resolutions.

♥ Suggest an outdoor activity together on a nice day.

♥ Take the extra time to think about a special Valentine’s Day gift.

♥ Do one of her chores for her.

♥ Cook dinner for her (and the family).

♥ Call her in the middle of the day just to say “I love you.”

♥ Take dancing lessons with her.

♥ Hold her hand in public.

♥ Cuddle on the couch.

♥ Make his favorite meal.

♥ Say nice things about him to his family.

♥ Initiate sex more–and be more playful and romantic.

♥ Write him a love letter.

♥ Support him in his New Year’s resolutions.

♥ Surprise him with a gadget that he has been wanting.

♥ Do one of his chores for him.

♥ Leave a little note in his lunch.

♥ Encourage him to hang out with his friends.

♥ Give him a goodbye kiss that makes him want to come back home.