Becoming an Adult Is a Challenge

As the first semester of college closes, a lot is running through the minds of freshmen. Though the last few months of college provided ample space for growth and self-reflection, one of the biggest lessons I learned was one I already knew. As I’ve found myself in a steady routine, between work, school, and social outings, I have also come to recognize the difficulties they bring: the hardships that come when budgeting, the pressures that arise from different financial burdens, and the stress that can come from new experiences. The biggest challenge, however, is being away from family. While being an adult hasn’t been as easy as I imagined it to be, the whole process has amplified my appreciation for all my parents did for me. 

I had always felt as though my family and parental figures were overbearing, yet I realize now how lucky I was. All of the love and support that the people around me gave me throughout my childhood most definitely made an impact. While I was always grateful, these few months I have been in college, having to figure everything out on my own, have changed my perspective. Instead of seeing the overwhelming “helicopter” parenting as I once did, I now see the gentle reminders to map everything out, as the transition to adulthood is no joke. Everything is much more intricate and extensive than I ever imagined. 

I have spoken to my family constantly since I have been away, and I find myself counting down the days until I can go home for vacation. I would advise any upcoming college student, or present college student, to reflect on those around them who provide helpful insight. It is always important to make sure there is a strong support system, in friends, siblings, parents, extended family, or even teachers. Though we may as teenagers not always feel like we need guidance from those older and wiser than us, we most certainly do. And I, for one, am extremely grateful for all of the kind words and even the unpleasant teaching moments I received from many different people.